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Enfield Publishing was established in 2005 when its founder, Marjorie Cleveland Fisher, chose to publish and market her first non-fiction book. Rather than work through the logistics of finding a suitable publisher, she found managing the publication of her own book was simply a matter of applying the very premises she had put into action before in other businesses in which she had been involved.

Upon successfully publishing "A Business of My Own", it was a natural extension for Enfield Publishing to expand into publishing family history books, as genealogy is one of the top hobbies in United States. Additionally, researching her own family history has been a passion of Marge Fisher's for many years. After decades of researching her own family history, Marge decided to share the fruits of her research successes. In coming months, a series of publications exploring a host of early American families and their European roots will be added to the list of available genealogy titles.

Enfield Publishing will consider the publication of non-fiction books authored by individuals located in the Northwest Montana region. If you are searching for a publisher for your manuscript, please contact Enfield Publishing to see how we can be of assistance.

Currently Available Publications

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